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Confidence Testing & Inspections in Washington, Oregon, & Northern California

Fire codes (NFPA) require your life safety systems to be tested at consistent intervals to ensure proper functionality and code compliance. Each system has its own requirements. As your compliance partners, we can work with you to develop a testing plan specific to your facility.

Our confidence testing and inspection services are designed to ensure a thorough audit of your system that will meet the requirements of code and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We offer inspections utilizing BuildingReports, a cloud-based report management platform, which creates a barcode-based database of each device, including its compliance status, on your system. A test completed with BuildingReports provides device-level testing accountability, which gives you the confidence you need when reporting to the AHJ.

Contact our team today for a free life safety and code compliance analysis. Together, we can work to establish a long-term plan to keep your facility safe.

What Systems Do We Test?

Performance Systems Integration provides confidence testing and inspection services for the following systems:

  • Fire Alarm Systems: Alarms are the first line of defense. We make sure your systems function so they will provide the proper alerts so that you can safely evacuate your facility.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems: Your sprinklers must function flawlessly to prevent the spread of fire throughout your structure. Our testing services ensure that the components within your system meet NFPA standards and will deliver the performance you require.
  • Backflow Preventers: These ensure that contamination doesn't infiltrate your building's water supply. We confirm that your backflow preventer is functioning precisely as designed.
  • Fire Pumps: Fire pumps are the backbone of every fire suppression system. We perform rigorous testing of your fire pump to ensure that it will deliver the pressure and flow rate required to suppress and extinguish fires before they can spread.
  • Fire Extinguishers: We inspect and test fire extinguishers to confirm they are properly charged and that all components will function properly when the unit is discharged.
  • Hood Suppression Systems: Kitchen fires spread quickly, and a reliable hood suppression system is invaluable. We test your system to ensure it will cut the gas off, dispense the suppression agent, and exhaust the fumes from the area.
  • Special Hazard Systems: These systems require specialized testing. We tailor our testing for CO2, Halon, FM-200, and other specialized fire suppression systems.
  • Public Safety DAS: In-building communication systems are designed to provide continuous two-way radio coverage. This can be done with Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System).  
  • Emergency Lights: Proper illumination is vital in an emergency. We test your lights to ensure that bulbs, batteries, and other components are operational.
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Industry Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Performance Systems Integration, we know that not every industry has the same compliance requirements. We have developed tailored compliance testing and inspection programs for your industry to ensure you will have everything you need for code and AHJ compliance.

For example, we have developed a reporting system for Joint Commission survey compliance for hospitals. We specialize in compliance services for the following industries:

Contact our office today for a free life safety and code compliance analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Testing

How Often Should Fire Alarms and Fire Suppression Systems Be Tested?

You should plan on testing your fire alarms and fire suppression systems at least once every six months. However, you may need to test your systems with increased frequency based on industry-specific regulations.

What Can I Expect During a Fire Alarm/Fire Suppression System Test?

NFPA codes are designed to ensure that any parts that need repairing or replaced are identified before a catastrophic failure occurs. As such, this is the focus of our inspection and testing services.

During the test, our teams will inspect and confirm the proper operation of the following and more:

Fire Alarms:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Batteries
  • Relays and Activations
  • Control Valves
  • Control Switches
  • Tamper Switches
  • Low-Pressure Alarms
  • Annunciators
  • Zone Alarms

Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Pipe Fittings
  • Discharge Pipes
  • Nozzles
  • Releasing Devices
  • Time Delays
  • Control Panels
  • Piping
  • Container
  • Extinguisher Agent Pressure
  • Warning Alarms

How Long Does Fire Inspection Testing Take?

Testing time depends on a wide range of factors, including the age of the system, size of the building, and complexity of the system. As a general rule, small systems within typical retail establishments can be completed in a few hours. Conversely, testing within commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, government buildings, universities, etc., can take several days or longer due to the size of the structure and the number of components to test.

Do you have more questions about fire alarm and fire suppression system testing? Contact the team at Performance Systems Integration at 855-723-3774.


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