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Life Safety Services for Data Centers and Tech Companies in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR

Data centers and technology companies in the Pacific Northwest depend on fast, responsive, and reliable fire protection. From shielding server rooms to protecting production lines, special precautions are required to protect sensitive equipment from potentially catastrophic damage.

At Performance Systems Integration, our teams utilize specialized clean agent fire suppression systems, advanced fire monitoring services, and more to protect your facility from harm. We create multiple layers of security that include the installation, maintenance, and repair of emergency lighting, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and access control systems.

For nearly 20 years, data centers and technology companies in Seattle, Portland, and surrounding communities have come to depend on us for their fire protection needs. We are dedicated to the safety of our clients, and it is our pleasure to be your one-stop fire protection solution for your company.

Contact PSI today at 503-641-2222 for more information about the fire protection services we offer data centers and technology companies in the region. We are happy to tell you everything you want to know about fire protection systems and the code-compliant solutions we offer.

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Fire Protection Installation for Data Centers and Technology Companies

Code compliance is critical for data centers and technology companies. Whether it’s a server room or production floor, the teams at PSI will help you select the appropriate fire suppression and fire monitoring systems for your needs. This includes FM-200 systems and other electronic-friendly fire suppression devices that are easy to clean up.

Our comprehensive fire protection system installation services include the following and more:

  • Smoke, heat, and gas detection systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Advanced fire alarm systems to detect fire
  • 24/7 remote fire alarm monitoring
  • Horns and strobes to aid in the evacuation of your facilities
  • Emergency lighting and emergency power disconnects
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems to protect computers and data

Contact PSI today at 503-641-2222 for more information about the fire protection installation services we offer data centers and technology companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Fire System Inspections, Testing & Maintenance

We know that any disruption to the operation of a data center or technology company can have significant financial consequences. This is why the teams at PSI are tireless in our efforts to ensure our client’s fire suppression systems will operate without fail in an emergency.

We offer:

  • Confidence Testing and Inspections – Our comprehensive fire system inspections include thorough testing of all system components and connections.
  • System Service – Our fire service technicians are available 24/7/365 to perform routine maintenance and complete any emergency repairs to your life and fire safety systems.
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring – PSI offers remote monitoring services that promptly notify emergency first responders when a fire or other critical event emerges.
  • Regulatory Compliance – We ensure our clients are compliant with local building codes, NFPA standards, and other industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  • System Design, Installation, and Upgrades – Our life and fire safety design and installation professionals will deliver superior quality installation services and integrate upgrades to your system as advanced technologies become available.

Schedule Life and Fire Safety Services in Seattle, WA & Portland, OR

PSI is ready to install, maintain, and repair fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, emergency lighting systems, and fire suppression systems to keep your operations safe, compliant, and productive. We will apply our expertise to create a comprehensive, reliable shield against the hazards fires can cause to your critical systems and infrastructure.

Contact PSI at 503-641-2222 for more information about the custom fire protection services we offer data centers and technology companies in Washington and Oregon.

Data Center Fire Protection FAQ

What is data center fire code compliance?

Fire code compliance means adhering to common building codes to ensure your data center is properly protected from fire. With a compliant fire suppression and protection system, you can protect your electronics and reduce downtime if you do have a fire. PSI can help your data center ensure it is fully compliant with today’s building codes.

What are a data center’s fire risks?

The IT equipment housed in most data centers puts off a lot of heat, and that creates a fire risk. In addition, should a fire happen in a data center, your company’s work efforts would come to a grinding halt because so many companies are fully reliant on data and IT to get their work done. Fire-resistant construction techniques and proper fire suppression systems that are safe for data centers are critical.

What is life safety for a data center?

Life safety refers to having the right exits and fire warning systems to protect the lives of people working in a building. For a data center, this means properly marked and accessible exits and an alarm system that will give people the chance to escape in the event of a fire.

What happens if a data center is not compliant with building codes for fire safety?

Failure to comply with local, state, and national fire safety codes means you are breaking the law. If a data center fails to be compliant with fire safety codes, and a fire occurs, insurance companies may refuse to pay for damages. If someone is injured or killed in the fire and negligent fire suppression was in place, the building’s owner or manager may be held liable for the injuries or death. This is a risk that companies do not want to take, and thus a proper, compliant fire safety system is a must.


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