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Hood Fire Suppression System Repair - Restaurant Hood Suppression Repair

The danger of a fire is always present in a commercial kitchen, but with a properly installed and working hood suppression system, the spread of the fire can be limited and the chances of injuries can be reduced. For a kitchen hood suppression system to do its job effectively, it must be inspected often and repaired as problems arise.

Keep your building protected and code-compliant with hood suppression services from our team at Performance Systems Integration. Serving Washington, Oregon, and the Bay Area, we offer a full line of fire and life safety services, including hood suppression system repair, inspections, testing, and more. With our experienced technicians and our commitment to the safety of your business, you can count on PSI for all your commercial fire safety and code compliance needs.

Has your hood suppression system stopped working or failed an inspection? Choose PSI for fast, professional hood suppression repair in the Seattle, Portland, and San Jose areas. Call 503.641.2222 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

When You Should Consider Repair for a Hood Suppression System

A kitchen hood suppression system relies on smoke, flame, or heat sensors to detect a fire, then it will release a suppression agent such as dry chemicals, foam, or wet chemicals, depending on the location and type of system. The suppression chemicals will attempt to starve the fire of oxygen and extinguish the flames. From the detectors and actuators to the fire suppression nozzles, there are plenty of parts that can fail and prevent proper function during an emergency. Call PSI for repairs when your hood suppression system displays any of the following issues:

  • Defective smoke, flame, or heat detectors
  • Malfunctioning actuator switches
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Corroded or leaking tanks
  • Leaking or damaged pipes
  • Old or defective cartridges
  • Leaking or disconnected ducts
  • Defective controls or control board

Our technicians can examine your kitchen hood and offer the most effective repair options for your needs. To request a hood suppression inspection and repair estimate, contact our team today.

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Kitchen Hood Suppression Repair Services

When you need quality service and repairs for your kitchen hood suppression system, turn to our experts at PSI. We offer hood suppression repairs throughout Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area, and our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency service. Whether you need simple repairs, like actuator switch replacement, or a complete cleaning and overhaul, our team can help.

We also offer kitchen hood suppression inspections and testing to help you locate potential problems quickly, and new hood suppression installations for systems are too damaged or costly to make anything but a full replacement feasible.

Are you concerned about the condition of your kitchen hood suppression system? Contact us today to schedule kitchen hood suppression repairs in the Seattle or Tacoma area.

Call Today for Hood Suppression Repairs

Over 7500 fires occur in restaurants and commercial kitchens each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Make sure your building has the systems it needs to save lives and protect property with fire safety and hood suppression services from Performance Systems Integration. We are proud to serve businesses in the Northwestern U.S., and we are eager to help with all your fire safety and life safety needs.

Call us today at 503.641.2222 or contact us online to schedule hood suppression services today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Suppression Systems

At PSI, we work hard to give our clients the information they need to keep their businesses protected from fires and other emergencies. Below are answers to some of our most common kitchen fire suppression questions:

How often should a kitchen hood fire suppression system be inspected?

The system should be inspected every six months, looking for problems like defective heat and flame detectors, leaking suppressant tanks, clogged nozzles, or defective cartridges. To prepare for the inspection, the entire kitchen hood suppression system should be cleaned and serviced. At PSI, we can provide all the services necessary to stay compliant with local fire codes, from kitchen suppression system inspections to testing, maintenance, and repairs. We serve Southwest Washington and Oregon, including Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and the surrounding communities.

How often should fusible links be replaced?

Fusible links activate the kitchen hood suppression system when temperatures rise above normal, indicating that a fire is occurring. They should be replaced every six months to ensure the system will respond properly in an emergency. At PSI, we can replace the fusible links in your kitchen fire suppression system during our regular service visits, if required.

What are the most common problems in a kitchen suppression system?

With the high heat that they must endure, faulty fusible links are common, which is why they must be replaced often. Leaking tanks and pipes can lead to low pressure in the suppressant system, impairing its ability to combat fires. Faulty cartridges, clogged nozzles, defective controls, and malfunctioning gas or electrical interlocks are other common problems that need immediate repairs from a qualified fire protection service, such as our team at PSI.

When should a kitchen suppression system be replaced?

Your kitchen fire suppression system should be replaced if it fails inspection and either cannot be repaired or would be too costly to do so. Likewise, if your system was manufactured prior to 1994, uses dry chemicals, or otherwise does not meet UL-300 standards, it must be replaced as soon as possible. The UL-300 standards require a wet suppressant that saponifies fats, eliminating the fire’s primary source of fuel.

For more information about fire suppression repairs, maintenance, or inspections, call PSI today at 503.641.2222 or contact us online. We offer fast service anywhere in Portland, Seattle, San Jose, or the surrounding communities of the Northwestern U.S.


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