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Fire Safety Services for Data Centers in San Jose, CA, Seattle, WA & Portland, OR

Data centers and server rooms are integral to the operation of many companies in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California—and with the sheer amounts of data they store and the infrastructure they support, special precautions are needed to prevent and control fires. From specialized clean agent suppression systems to advanced fire alarms and monitoring services, our team at Performance Systems Integration can provide the solutions you need to keep your staff, computers, electronics, and data safe.

Since 2002, we have been providing comprehensive fire and life safety services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, including Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, San Jose, California, and the surrounding areas. Our company is dedicated to the safety and productivity of our customers, and we aim to be your one-stop solution for all your building safety and compliance needs.

Keep your information secure and protected with our data center fire safety services. Call PSI today at 877-590-3176 or contact us online to schedule service in San Jose, Seattle, or Portland today.

Data Center Fire Protection Installations in San Jose

Data centers have special requirements for fire protection systems. The suppressants used must do as little damage to the equipment as possible, plus recovery times after a fire must be kept to a minimum. Clean agent systems like FM-200 or Novec 1230 systems are often the best option, with no damaging liquids to harm the electronics, and chemicals that are relatively easy to remove for faster cleanups.

At PSI, we can design and install a fire safety system that actively monitors your equipment for fires, and provides electronics-friendly fire suppression when necessary. Our data center fire safety systems can be configured with:

  • Smoke, heat, and gas detection systems
  • Advanced fire alarm systems to detect fire
  • 24/7 fire alarm monitoring
  • Horns and strobes to aid in evacuation
  • Emergency power disconnects
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems to protect computers and data
  • Advanced access control, surveillance, and security systems

With our fire safety system installations, you can expect a system that is clean, professional, and configured properly for superior protection. To request an installation quote for your data center in Seattle, Tacoma, San Jose, or the surrounding areas, contact PSI today.

Fire Safety System Inspections, Testing & Service

After the installation, you can count on PSI to keep your fire safety systems code-compliant and working properly. We offer complete fire safety inspection, testing, and maintenance services for all our equipment, and we recommend annual service visits and quarterly inspections.

Our expert technicians have the skill and experience to identify and correct a wide range of safety and compliance issues, and we will provide detailed reporting throughout the process, including recommendations on any repairs or upgrades that are necessary to maintain compliance.

Contact us today to service your data center fire safety systems in Northern California or the Pacific Northwest.

Tips to Prevent Data Center Fires in San Jose

Even with the best precautions, fires can still occur. Here are a few tips to minimize the risk, however:

  • Work with local fire department officials to create a fire safety plan
  • Train your staff and practice fire response procedures often
  • Keep fire safety systems inspected and serviced
  • Keep HVAC systems working and in good condition
  • Create redundant power systems that are separate from the data center
  • Install emergency shut-offs for power and gas systems
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Schedule Data Center Services in Portland or Seattle

Give your data center superior protection in the event of a fire. Choose Performance Systems Integration for world-class fire safety solutions.

Call 855-723-3774 or contact us online to schedule service today.

Data Center Fire Protection FAQ

What is data center fire code compliance?

Fire code compliance means adhering to common building codes to ensure your data center is properly protected from fire. With a compliant fire suppression and protection system, you can protect your electronics and reduce downtime if you do have a fire. PSI can help your data center ensure it is fully compliant with today’s building codes.

What are a data center’s fire risks?

The IT equipment housed in most data centers puts off a lot of heat, and that creates a fire risk. In addition, should a fire happen in a data center, your company’s work efforts would come to a grinding halt because so many companies are fully reliant on data and IT to get their work done. Fire-resistant construction techniques and proper fire suppression systems that are safe for data centers are critical.

What is life safety for a data center?

Life safety refers to having the right exits and fire warning systems to protect the lives of people working in a building. For a data center, this means properly marked and accessible exits and an alarm system that will give people the chance to escape in the event of a fire.

What happens if a data center is not compliant with building codes for fire safety?

Failure to comply with local, state, and national fire safety codes means you are breaking the law. If a data center fails to be compliant with fire safety codes, and a fire occurs, insurance companies may refuse to pay for damages. If someone is injured or killed in the fire and negligent fire suppression was in place, the building’s owner or manager may be held liable for the injuries or death. This is a risk that companies do not want to take, and thus a proper, compliant fire safety system is a must.


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