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Fire Suppression Systems in Oregon

Fire suppression systems in Oregon are essential for safeguarding buildings and structures against the threat of fires. These systems are designed to detect, control, and extinguish fires, helping to protect lives and property. Here are some key types of fire suppression systems commonly used in Oregon:

  1. Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the most common and effective fire suppression methods. They consist of a network of pipes with sprinkler heads that release water when a fire is detected. These systems are used in various commercial and residential buildings.

  2. Fire Extinguishing Systems: These systems use various fire-extinguishing agents, such as clean agents, carbon dioxide, or foam, to suppress fires. They are commonly used in areas where water-based systems are not suitable due to the potential for water damage or electrical hazards.

  3. Fire Alarm Systems: Fire alarm systems detect the presence of smoke or heat and activate warning signals, such as sirens and strobe lights. These systems are an essential part of early fire detection and suppression.

  4. Pre-Action Systems: Pre-action systems are typically used in areas where accidental activation of sprinklers is a concern. They require two triggers to activate, making them suitable for environments like data centers and museums.

  5. Deluge Systems: Deluge systems release a large volume of water simultaneously when a fire is detected. They are used in high-hazard areas like chemical plants, aircraft hangars, and power plants.

  6. Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems: These systems are specifically designed for commercial kitchens and are equipped to suppress grease fires that can occur in cooking equipment.

  7. Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems: These are custom-designed systems for specific environments where unique fire hazards exist, such as server rooms, industrial processes, or chemical storage areas.

  8. Fire Hydrants and Standpipes: These are essential for providing a water source to firefighters. Fire hydrants are located outside, while standpipes are pipes installed inside buildings to supply water to hoses for firefighting.

  9. Fire Pump Systems: Fire pump systems increase water pressure for firefighting efforts, ensuring an adequate supply of water to sprinklers and hydrants.

  10. Water Storage Tanks: In some areas with limited water supply, water storage tanks are used to provide a reserve of water for fire suppression systems.

  11. Backflow Prevention Devices: These devices prevent contamination of the public water supply by ensuring that water flows in one direction, from the fire suppression system to the source, and not the other way around.

Fire suppression systems in Oregon are subject to local and state regulations, and building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that these systems are properly installed, inspected, tested, and maintained. Regular inspections and maintenance by certified professionals are critical to the effectiveness of these systems and to ensure they comply with local fire codes and regulations.

Fire Suppression Systems in Oregon

Performance Systems Integration (PSI) is a leading single-source provider of fire suppression systems in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California. We provide customers with fire protection services including system inspection, service and monitoring, equipment and first-aid sales, and cylinder repairs as well as installations for new construction and retrofits.

PSI currently has two locations servicing all of Oregon. The service locations include the Portland and SW Washington area out of our Portland, OR office, and the Eugene, Oregon, and Southern Oregon areas out of our Lebanon, OR office.

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With over 20 years of fire and life safety industry experience, our highly qualified technicians are carefully factory-trained and NICET-certified to deliver the highest level of services. Beyond compliance, PSI’s mission is to help save lives by providing meaningful fire and life safety protection and training. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your facilities safe and compliant.

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