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Backflow Preventor Testing & Inspection Services

You probably take clean drinking water for granted, but without backflow preventers, your building’s water supply could become unsafe to drink. Backflow, or the undesirable reverse flow of water in a plumbing system, is dangerous because it can contaminate drinking water with sewage. A backflow preventer is a relatively simple yet critically important component for sprinkler systems, water pumps, and other irrigation and wastewater systems. This mechanical plumbing device prevents water from flowing backward, therefore preventing contamination.

To ensure a backflow preventer continues to work as intended, it must be routinely tested and inspected. Performance Systems Integration can perform the services you need. Every backflow prevention system in use today has unique testing procedures and intervals, so for the best results, we recommend leaving the job to our knowledgeable and experienced team.

If you require backflow preventer testing or inspection in Portland or Seattle, please contact Performance Systems Integration to schedule services today.

Backflow Prevention Testing in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, & Bay Area, CA

Following the installation of your backflow preventer, an initial test ensures the device is working correctly. Annual tests from then on are required to ensure the backflow preventer continues to do its job. You must also have the device tested if you relocate or repair it. These regulations are in place to safeguard public drinking water and are enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. Failure to keep up with the required testing time frame could result in an interrupted freshwater supply and fines for noncompliance.

The staff here at PSI is highly experienced with testing backflow prevention systems. We utilize a cloud-based program called BuildingReports to generate a database of your fire protection systems, including backflow preventers. After a thorough audit of your system, we can develop a unique testing schedule based on your precise equipment and compliance needs. We then plug this schedule into our software to build a customized testing program just for you.

Contact Performance Systems Integration for backflow prevention testing to remain compliant with state and local regulations. Our goal is to make testing as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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Backflow Prevention Inspections in Portland, San Jose, & Seattle

In addition to annual testing, on-site facility inspections are required by law. Inspections include a thorough report of your water distribution systems, complete with photos and descriptions of potential hazards at your facility. If we find any issues, we will also include recommendations for the corrections you must make in the report.

As your single source for backflow prevention inspections, PSI is proud to provide numerous industries with this vital service, including:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • School districts
  • Property management companies
  • Retail and hospitality businesses
  • Manufacturing, commercial, and industrial sectors

At Performance Systems Integration, we care about our neighbors in the Portland and Seattle areas. As such, we’ll send you a reminder when your next inspection is coming up so you’re never caught off guard.

Contact us today to learn more about our fire protection and life safety system services.

Schedule Backflow Preventer Testing & Backflow Preventer Inspections in Seattle, Portland, or San Jose

The most important aspects of your business are compliance, safety, and peace of mind. If you’re looking for a commercial and industrial backflow prevention specialist in the Northwestern US, look no further than PSI. Our experience servicing fire protection and life safety systems dates back to 2002. With our team of NICET-certified technicians and product specialists, we’re confident we can keep your backflow prevention system in check.

Contact Performance Systems Integration today! We offer a full range of fire safety services to Portland, San Jose, and Seattle-area business owners.

Backflow Preventer Services FAQ

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when non-potable water or other liquids flow into the piping of the public water system or cross into the building’s drinking water system. This cross-contamination is quite dangerous to public health and must be avoided. Both backpressure backflow and back-siphonage are types of backflow. Backflow preventer installation protects buildings from this problem.

Why are backflow preventer devices required?

In Portland and Seattle, protecting drinking water is an important job. Backflow prevention devices are required by law to keep drinking water clean. If a business poses a risk to the public water supply, it must invest in backflow preventer installation. Properties with in-ground irrigation sprinklers, fire sprinkler systems, hazardous waste, and multiple water lines are just some of those required to have these systems installed.

How often is a backflow preventer inspection required?

Oregon state building codes require backflow preventer inspections and testing every year. Businesses must record this inspection to remain in compliance with building and safety codes. If the inspection finds a serious issue, the business must invest in backflow preventer repairs or backflow preventer replacement services to remain compliant.

Can backflow preventer devices be repaired?

Sometimes, backflow preventers that aren’t working can be repaired. Backflow preventer repairs can be a little more affordable than backflow preventer replacements, but you will need the services of a qualified professional to determine what you need.


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