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Hood Fire Suppression System & Hood Suppression for Restaurants

Commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, catering facilities, and other locations must have robust fire and life safety systems in place to protect employees and guests during an emergency. According to the NFPA, over 61% of fires in restaurants start in the kitchen, and in hotels, over 50% of fires are related to cooking. That is why it is essential for commercial kitchens to have hood suppression systems in place and inspected often for proper operation.

Since 2002, Performance Systems Integration has been providing fire and life safety services to businesses throughout Washington, Oregon, and the Bay Area. Our company can inspect, test, and service hood suppression systems for commercial kitchens, and our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. We offer superior service and support, and we are eager to be the primary source for all your fire safety, life safety, and compliance needs.

Make sure the hood fire suppression systems at your facility are in good working order with inspections, testing, and more from our team at PSI. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Washington, Oregon, or the Bay Area.

Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Hood fire suppression systems act quickly to stop fires at their source before they can spread to other parts of the building. Having a working hood suppression system is essential to the safety of your commercial property, and it can help to:

  • Prevent injuries – A fire in a confined area like a commercial kitchen can often lead to serious injuries. A hood suppression system prevents injuries, and can often save lives.
  • Limit property damage – A fire can quickly damage your kitchen equipment, surrounding furnishings, and the building itself. A hood suppression system can limit the damage to the kitchen and protect costly equipment like ranges, ovens, and fryers.
  • Minimize recovery time – If a fire does happen, a hood suppression system limits its scope and the resulting damage, making it easier and faster to reopen your business afterward.
  • Remain code-complaint – An installed, working hood suppression system keeps your business compliant with fire codes while avoiding unnecessary fines.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a hood fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen or restaurant in Washington, Oregon, or Northern California.

Hood Suppression System Inspection

Commercial kitchens and restaurants can be harsh environments for any type of equipment, with high heat, high humidity, and long service hours. To keep a hood suppression system working and ready for an emergency, it must be inspected regularly for damage, wear, and faulty components. At PSI, our hood suppression system inspections will examine every part of the system thoroughly, including fire suppressant cylinders, piping, nozzles, fusible links, electrical interlocks, gas interlocks, and more. Our team will document the results and recommend any necessary repairs.

To schedule a hood suppression system inspection in Oregon, contact us today.

Hood Suppression System Testing

Even if a hood suppression system looks to be in operable condition, it may malfunction or fail in real-world use. That is why it is important to schedule regular testing. At PSI, our technicians can provide full hood suppression testing services to ensure your equipment is working properly and is code-compliant.

Contact us today for hood suppression system testing in the Northwestern U.S.

Schedule Hood Suppression System Services in Washington, Oregon, & the Bay Area

Prevent fires and keep your employees safe with hood suppression inspection and testing services from Performance Systems Integration.

Call (503) 641-2222 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hood Fire Suppression Systems

What Are Clean Agents?

We often use clean agent fire suppression agents. These are gases that leave no discharge of physical material. This means they require no cleanup after use. Carbon Dioxide is the most common clean agent. Other options include argon, aragonite, FM-200, nitrogen, and inergen.

Are Clean Agents More Effective Than Water?

When we perform a hood fire suppression system installation, it is usually over stoves and other cooking equipment. Because of the potential for grease fires, water fire suppression systems are not advisable in these areas as water can spread the fire. While some hood fire suppression systems use clean agents, most utilize wet chemicals that are designed to extinguish cooking fires. These agents react with grease to generate a soapy emulsion that prevents the fire from reignition.

How Often Should the System Be Inspected?

NFPA 96 requires hood fire suppression system inspection at least twice per year. A licensed fire protection company must perform this inspection, and you must maintain detailed records of these inspections to confirm compliance.

What Maintenance is Required?

When it comes to hood fire suppression system maintenance, regular cleaning is the most important. The buildup of grease and other debris creates a considerable source of fuel that can facilitate the rapid spread of fire. It would be best if you also made sure that nozzles and other components are in good condition and properly repaired when damaged. These should be inspected daily in high-volume kitchens.

How Does a Hood Fire Suppression System Work?

When the sensors detect a fire, the nozzles above the stove, fryer, etc., will discharge the fire suppression agent. This will quickly starve the fire of oxygen. At the same time, the system will immediately trip the gas line and electrical connections. This will further starve the fire of fuel and help prevent the spread of fire throughout the facility.

We invite you to contact Performance Systems Integration at (503) 641-2222 for more about the hood fire suppression systems services we offer in Oregon, Washington, and the Bay Area.


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