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R&T Hood Fire Division 


Why did R&T Hood separate the Fire Division from Hood Cleaning?

As part of ongoing planning, R&T Hood Fire Division ownership had extensive conversations about the direction of the company and how best to achieve business success and growth while continuing to provide quality service to customers.  Of the options considered, selling the Fire Division to PSI made the most sense, leaving R&T to devote all of their attention to Hood Cleaning.

R&T Hood Fire Division and PSI share a common set of values and commitment to customers. The joining of forces plays a significant role in helping us to provide the very best service to our customers and achieve our growth strategy to become the top life safety service provider in the region.  The two companies together are foundational to providing stability to the growth plan.

What are the PSI vision, mission, and core values?

PSI provides the best code-compliant solutions in the industry.  You can rest assured that the safety of your buildings, and the lives within them, are our top priority.  When you work with PSI, you are not only getting the high-quality solutions you expect, you are also getting a compliance partner that can advise you on all aspects of your fire and life safety systems. Our goal is to have each of our client relationships measured in decades, not just years, because of the quality of our services and customer experience from field to office.

Simply put, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We do this by approaching every contact as a potential long-term relationship, with the goal of balancing short-term budget constraints with long-term code compliance and building safety requirements.

Whether you choose us for a one-time project or decide to make us your go-to service partner, we’ll provide the customer support you need. We arrive on time, offer polite and respectful services, pay attention to your needs, return phone calls, and follow up with any concerns you have. We will do this by delivering a superior customer experience and enabling our customers to achieve extraordinary results.

Here are the values we take pride in and strive to bring to life every day:

  • We are Committed to Doing the Right Thing
  • We are Accountable
  • We are Customer-Centric
  • We Value Quality Relationships

How will this transition affect the service I receive? Will existing quotes, prices, and contracts be honored?

Yes, existing agreements will be honored. We are working hard to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible to our customers. This means that in the near term you won’t see any changes to your entitlements, contracts, quotes, and services. Additionally, all existing service schedules will continue as-is without interruption. Our commitment to “always doing the right thing” is as strong as ever. Over time, as we merge our service offerings, we will make new services, features, and capabilities available to ensure your ongoing life safety service needs are met and provided with excellence.

Why is this good for customers?

PSI and R&T are both committed to being the leader in operational and technical life safety system excellence. PSI provides the best code-compliant solutions in the industry and we pride ourselves on working with every customer to deliver world-class solutions tailored to their needs. R&T Hood will continue to provide market-leading hood cleaning services.

By increasing our resources and offerings, we can support a broader range of customer needs with both mature and emerging life safety technologies, thus deepening our value to you. PSI provides the Pacific Northwest with “single-point-of management” compliance services and solutions for all fire protection and life safety needs. You can expect to see continued innovation from us in the months and years ahead.

At the end of the day, our number one priority is to serve our customers with excellence and to enable their ability to provide safe, compliant environments.  We strive for all our customers to realize greater value and peace of mind from the increased strength of the combined R & T Hood Fire Division and PSI teams.

Will this change how I request service? Where and to whom do I send payments? Will I still interact with the same services team?

For now- this will not change how you schedule your service…please continue to follow your established process. As we continue to gain momentum around our transition any new procedures or phone numbers will be directly communicated to you.

Where does PSI have offices and technicians?

PSI has offices in the following cities:

      • Bothell, WA
      • Seattle, WA
      • Milton, WA
      • Spokane, WA
      • Pasco, WA
      • Portland, OR
      • Lebanon, OR
      • Boise, ID

What are the plans for R&T Hood Fire Division offices and people?

R&T Hood will continue to focus completely on hood cleaning, nothing related to hood cleaning has changed.

Strengthening our fire and life safety presence in the Puget Sound region is critical to PSI’s strategy. The depth and breadth of PSI’s offering allow us to bring more fire and life safety services to R & T Hood Fire Division customers. A detailed and closely managed turnover of critical information is occurring now.  We expect to continue to operate in or near the same locations you have always interacted with and with more services available to you than before.

Will PSI provide regular communications to R&T Hood Fire Division customers?

Yes! The combined R&T Hood Fire Division and PSI teams will keep you informed about what is going on. We will be excited to share new capabilities and service enhancements with you.  A communication plan is in place to keep you aware of the many new services made available via the acquisition.

How will the separation from Hood Cleaning impact R&T Hood Fire Division services?

Merging R&T Hood Fire Division with PSI will immediately strengthen overall capabilities provided to existing and future customers for both hood cleaning services and fire suppression.  PSI’s team of certified fire protection professionals is a force multiplier to R&T Hood Fire Division’s current capabilities. Existing and additional capabilities include:

Confidence Testing and Inspections: Fire codes (NFPA) require your life safety systems to be tested at consistent intervals to ensure proper functionality and code compliance.  Each system has its own requirements. We can work with you to develop a testing plan specific to your facility. Systems we test include fire alarms, fire sprinklers, backflow preventers, kitchen hoods, suppression systems, and fire extinguishers.

Code-compliant Maintenance and Repair: Even an expertly designed and installed system needs attention to remain in top working order.  PSI has a team of expert technicians who will keep your life safety systems functioning properly in more locations than prior to the merger.

System Design and Installation: The design and programming process is the most important step for ensuring a compliant fire protection system. Our years of knowledge and experience qualify us to design and install systems in accordance with local, state, and national fire codes.

Alarm System Monitoring: Twenty-four-hour alarm monitoring services are a code requirement, and you are now working with the best in the area.  Performance Systems partners with the top technology communication providers in the industry to bring you reliable alarm monitoring coverage 24/7.

How will PSI integrate R&T Hood Fire Division?

We have established an Integration Management Office (IMO) that is spearheaded by our Integrations Manager, Scott Dulaney. The IMO applies industry best practices that ensure processes, systems, technologies, organizations, and people are integrated in a manner that minimizes disruption and which also focuses on enabling a broader set of capabilities for our customers.

Where will R&T Hood Cleaning go from here?

This separation of hood cleaning and the fire division will allow R&T to focus on hood cleaning completely. With the increased complexity of regulation in cleaning, R&T’s focus on cleaning will help it keep up with growth, complexity, and maintain an outstanding level of service.

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