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Knox Safety & Security Products in Oregon & Washington

Knox Rapid Access Products

Performance Systems Integration (PSI) is a leading provider of Fire & Life Safety services in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2002, PSI has been dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services. The companies we partner with have proven track records of high-quality, reliable products that will help protect your people and critical business assets.  We are pleased to add Knox, the leading manufacturer in Rapid Access Solutions, as a partner to continue protecting the Pacific Northwest.

Rapid Access Products help first responders gain access to all areas of the property without forced entry, to vital information, and materials they need to protect your building and themselves in the event of a fire or other emergency.

PSI is ready to help you with your Knox order. Simply complete to form and our Knox Program Manager will contact you to confirm and process the order , contact us now.

Knox Trusted Partners Benefits

Explore the Knox Safety and Security Products

Knox has a number of systems and products available to help you protect your property. Here are some of the products we recommend:

Knox Rapid Access System

The Knox Rapid Access System is a trusted partner to help building owners protect their properties. This system provides fast access to first responders in the event of a fire while minimizing property damage from forced entry. Products in the Knox Rapid Access System include:

  • KnoxBox – Safely stores access keys to help first responders in a rapid emergency access situation
  • Knox Gate & Key Switch – Override electric gates to allow access.
  • Knox Padlocks – Provides quick access into community areas and temporary construction sites.
  • Riser Room Box – Gives secure access to the riser room.

Rapid Access

Knox Fire Protection Systems

With Knox, you can also protect your property by carefully locking the caps of your fire suppression system. This keeps debris from entering and damaging the connection and also reduces the risk of brass theft. Some products in this category include:

  • Knox FDC Lock – Add these to fire suppression access areas to protect against damage or theft.
  • Knox Standpipe Lock – Use this lock for the protection of wall hydrants and discharge standpipes.
  • Knox Storz Lock – This lock attaches to stand-alone fire hydrants to protect them from damage.

FDC Protection

Knox Safety Solutions and Critical Information Products

Finally, Knox has a number of products that provide additional safety solutions or give first responders access to critical information, such as HAZMAT information, when they arrive on the scene. Products in this category include:

  • Knox Remote Power Box – Use this to remotely operate the shunt trip breaker to shut down power in an emergency.
  • Knox Elevator Box – Give first responders access to the override and drop keys for the elevator system.
  • Knox Document Cabinet – Store keys, key cards, emergency contact information, and other vital information documents in one easy-to-access, fireproof box.

Safety Solutions

Our Services

We provide a broad range of Fire & Life Safety programs designed to meet the specific needs of the industries we serve. We specialize in providing the following Fire & Life Safety Services:

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Knox Rapid Access Solutions Products

building infographic
1. Knox FDC LockTM
knox lock

Locking mechanism secures and protects FDCs (fire sprinkler systems) against damage, vandalism and debris. Helps avoid costly back flushing service and replacement fees.

2. KnoxBox®/KnoxVault®
knox box

Provides emergency responders rapid access without forcing entry, minimizing critical delays, injuries and property damage.

3. Knox Document CabinetTM
Knox cabinet

Provides emergency responders immediate access on-site to hazardous material data, critical emergency response documents, and interior keys.

4. Knox Elevator BoxTM
Knox cabinet

Provides quick access to the correct elevator drop key and interior keys to open an inoperable elevator and critical locked areas within a building.

5. Knox PadlocksTM
knox lock

Provides rapid access into multifamily residences, gated communities, and temporary construction sites. Can be daisy-chained with a property owner padlock providing access for both the property owner and emergency responders.

6. Knox Gate & Key SwitchTM

Overrides electric gates in residential communities, parking garages and industrial gated areas.

7. Knox Remote Power BoxTM
knox powerbox

Used to remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely remove or isolate power from a building or equipment.

8. Knox Standpipe LockTM
knox standpipe

Safeguards discharge standpipes and wall hydrants ensuring operational integrity for connections critical to fighting fire.

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