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H1-Fire System Services

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“We love using PSI! Their team is very responsive and they provide a one stop shop for all our fire testing, supply and repair needs. Their customer service and responsiveness to issues that raise keep...” Read More

Gavin Shearer,
Regional Maintenance Manager, GREYSTAR

“We appreciate PSI’s willingness to work alongside our renovation crew to minimize the interruption to our guests. Everyone I worked with on the project have all been patient, easy to work with and professional.”

Kim Saunderson,
General Manager, Residence Inn

“PSI has become one of my most valued resources. The knowledge base and technical/troubleshooting ability has made them indispensable. They are super nice and always dependable and eager to help not matter what the ask.”

Neal McNeal,
Chief Engineer, ATT

“PSI has always ensured our code compliance. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and has continually stayed on top of code requirements. PSI technicians are very professional and always responsive to our needs.”

Daniel Jones,
Facility Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“We couldn’t be happier with PSI! They provide outstanding customer service in all areas, are very quick to respond, with competitive proposals and great service. They have even provided some on-site training opportunities for some...” Read More

Tory Costello,
Regional Manager, Thrive Communities

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the service PSI has provided us over the years. The staff has been a pivotal part in making sure we get these buildings tested correctly and efficiently. We...” Read More

Michael Eddington,
Project Manager, Delta Building Services Seattle
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