Fire Alarm Monitoring 101

URsecure-1In the event of a fire, getting the fire department on-site as quickly as possible is the most critical part of mitigating damage. Your fire alarm monitoring system is what makes that happen. This is why it's imperative you understand how fire alarm monitoring works, and if your current network is the best solution for when seconds count.

Learn when and why fire alarm monitoring is required, communication technology options, and more. After this webinar, you will understand:

  • The types of monitoring systems
  • How to manage your monitoring system from anywhere, anytime
  • Advantages and disadvantages of current communication technologies
  • How the mesh radio network operates, and how it can save you money


Virtual Training Presenters

Johnathan CarrJohnathan Carr is a Monitoring Manager with PSI and has been in the electrical trade for over 25 years. Johnathan has been specifically focused on the fire alarm and life safety industry for a decade and specializes in AES radios and monitoring solutions for customers.

Dan LeemingDan Leeming is an Account Executive with PSI, providing customers in Puget Sound with fire and life safety solutions. Dan identifies customer compliance needs by understanding building systems and system interfaces.