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The Lost Art of Customer Service

Posted on: September 10, 2013

What is the key to running a successful business in the new age of doing more with less…I mean a lot less? Just in time manufacturing isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for decades. Managing your workforce to be lean and mean wasn’t invented yesterday. However…It seems to me that the world market has pushed manufacturers, wholesalers, service companies, property managers, healthcare providers, end-users and every level of business beyond what is reasonable. We all want quality products, competent service and stable companies that will be here to support what you bought from them for the foreseeable future. We want high wages so we can buy lots of great toys and a nice house in a good neighborhood where our kids can get a great education and safely play in the park just down the street. We want it NOW and CHEAP. I say…you can’t have both. If you force a service oriented company to respond right now for skinny margins, you force them into a position of not affording the proper number of qualified personnel to meet your needs in a timely manner. Interesting predicament really…The choices? Give Customers what they pay for…In my experience, when a Customer leaves you because your service is great but price is too high, they will be back when they discover the high price of low bid. Some of our most loyal Customers had to go try the competitors tempting low rates. There will always be those companies that provide the “low bid” without particular attention to the Customer’s best interests. Our goal…have discipline…don’t go there. Provide great Customer service at reasonable rates. If a particular Customer doesn’t appreciate what you’re offering, set them free. They’ll get what they want and deserve and you’ll save a lot of time so you can keep good Customers happy. Customers…If you appreciate that we go the extra mile, pay us accordingly, so we can be in business for the next 50 years and provide more great service to you. Together we can bring back good Customer service.

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“June 7, 2019 Hello Tracy, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your team’s hard work during the installation of our new fire panel, guest room horns and strobes.  We appreciate your team’s willingness to work alongside our renovation crew to minimize the interruption to our...”

- Kim Saunderson, General Manager Residence Inn, Redmond, WA

“I’ve been working with the Performance Systems Integration team for more than a decade and they have became individually and collectively one of my most valued resources I have. The knowledge base and technical/troubleshooting ability has made them indispensable for all TIs, maintenance and life cycle replacement forecasting. ...”

- Neal McNeal, Chief Engineer ATT, Redmond Town Center Campus/ Willows Technical Center Campus
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